The Fourth Cannabist Internationale



Re-legalising Cannabis- Newww approaches for a new millennium

ďAs the printing press and the pamphlet were to the French Revolution in 1789, so the internet and cyber networking is to the hemp revolution - a new medium with new opportunities for liberating us from the tyrannies of our time. The creative challenge is to transform on-line information on a computer screen into crowds in public places agitating for justice.Ē - Max Stone Y2K

A 2-day fully cyberised summit to map and plot Cannabis WWWebolution!

Monday & Tuesday 3 & 4 May 2004
(at a secret location high in the hills above Nimbin, Australia)

The Fourth Cannabist Internationale will be a meeting of people serious about being web effective in the struggle to re-legalise cannabis and end the Drug War. Catering for web beginners and web sophisticates, the Internationale will fully equip you with the networking skills needed to operate as an effective local cell for cannabis law reform.

The Internationale will be fully catered for by the Big Bong Burger Bar Cannabis Catering Concpet. Catering charge: $4&20 per mouth per day. Accommodation will be rough and minimal. Come prepared to camp.


Sunday 2 May 2004

8.40 pm  Assemble in Nimbin HEMP Bar.

Welcome - introductions all around and an audit on the information technology skill base.

9.04 pm on Night Owl Networking Session - a tour of international cannabis cyber space to first, acquaint participants with websites and services of the global cannabis law reform movement and then collect the Global reports from the world wide Millennium Marijuana March Demonstrations.

Depart to secret destination "High in the Hills above Nimbin Australia"

Monday 3 May 2004

8.40 am Breakfast (optional) and welcome to the early Monday arrivals who partied late in Hemp Bar winding up the mardigrass webcast, introductions and house keeping

9.30-11.15 am Mapping the Global Cannabis Law Reform Movement - a small group process to analyze and understand whatís happening in cannabis law reform around the world, based on the feed back from the MMMMarch

11.15-11.30 am Morning Tea

11.30-12.30 pm MMMMarch Reality Check!!

Small group report back on "where itís at" with global cannabis law reform.

12.30-1.00 pm Lunch

1.00-2.00 pm Global Activist Chat hosted by

2.30-4.00 pm Skill training sessions and discussion workgroups.

Basic skills - e-mail and conferencing (ICQ)
Basic web page building (<html>)
Basic web page promotion / Web etiquette
Basics of media Web-effective political activism

4.00 pm Afternoon tea.

4.20 pm Smoking Session (optional)

6.00-7.00 pm Dinner

7.30 pm Fire ceremony

8.40 pm Night Owl Networking Session - networking through the night

Tuesday 4th May 2004

8.40 am Breakfast (optional)

9.00- 11.00 am Revving up Cannabis Law Reform - a brainstorming session for strategies and tactics

11 .00-11.30 am Morning tea

11.30-12.30 pm Directions and Policy for the ACLRM - resolutions, business and final networking.

4.20 pm  Smoking Session (optional)

5.00 pm Benediction and Closure


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Yes, I can bring my own computer to the Internationales  Win 95, Win 98, 2000/ME, Win XP and/or Apple compatible computer array!!


Please let us know what skills and talents can you contribute.

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The Fourth Cannabist Internationale is an initiative of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement.


Cannabist Commando Training 1.01

The A.C.L.R.M rose from the need to focus on the single issue of JUST Cannabis Law Reform, rather than attempt to change the paradigm from a General Drug Law Reform Platform, we are not the Australian Heroin Law Reform Movement, nor are we the Australian Meta Amphetamine Law Reform Movement, we are the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement and JUST Cannabis Law Reform is the ONLY item on our agenda.

The A.C.L.R.M is a leaderless movement of like minded cyber citizens in a direction of JUST Cannabis Law Reform, a vehicle for change in JUST the law as it relates to cannabis and it is the belief of the A.C.L.R.M that Cannabis was wrongly convicted in the first place and that cannabis use / cultivation has never been a crime.

The A.C.L.R.M is committed to ensuring that JUST Cannabis Use / Cultivation becomes Optional WITHOUT Harassment - that’s harassment due  to Cannabis Use or harassment to Use Cannabis.

The A.C.L.R.M believes that JUST Cannabis Law Reform is the next most pressing issue for the Government to address, we applaud the current Government for it’s sensible handling of the GUN issue, we thank it for it’s over haul of the Taxation system and we now ask it to address JUST Cannabis Law Reform because, as the law stands now, cannabists are prohibited from participating in the new tax scheme and forced into the black market and are thus, are far more likely to have guns pointed at them!

The A.C.L.R.M believes that nobody joins the Police Force or the Government to stamp out JUST Cannabis Use, we believe that each individual of the existing Governmental Mechanism is doing the best they can to deal with an illogical predicament thrust upon them by less enlightened Governments of the past.

The A.C.L.R.M believe that the best way to start the change is with JUST Cannabis Law Reform, blow the pressure valve, reallocate JUST the resources currently employed to enforce cannabis prohibition towards the betterment of society, free all of those convicted for use /cultivation / possession / supply of JUST Cannabis.

The A.C.L.R.M believes that the first step is a simple matter of opening the law book to the page dealing with Dangerous Drugs and erasing JUST Cannabis from the list.

The A.C.L.R.M believes that this simple act of legislation will act as a Pressure Valve as far as the overheated debate on general drug law reform is concerned and when the economical advantages inherent in the lowering of the cost of enforcing JUST Cannabis Prohibition are factored in, we believe that the facts will illustrate that history will judge Cannabis Prohibition to be a 20th century mistake of monumental proportions.


CLICK HERE to learn how to use the Trident of Cannabis Law Reform







words assembled by
the non official smokesperson
on the extreme edge of the radical fringe
of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement

A.C.L.R.M members tend to congregate between 11.AM and 1.PM
Sundays and Mondays at
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