for the Nimbin Valley Cannabis Trial


Logic Component #1 = Cannabis was WRONGLY CONVICTED OF BEING A DANGEROUS DRUG IN THE FIRST PLACE and should be freely available for any individual or company to use, possess, cultivate or supply with-in the boundaries of the Nimbin Valley.

Logic Component #2 = The role of the Police during the Nimbin Valley Cannabis Trial would be to enforce the law as if Cannabis HAD NEVER BEEN AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE and their primary role would be to protect the peaceful citizens of Nimbin (and their cannabis crops) from violence and crime.

Nimbin Valley Cannabis Trial would be for a 12 month period with provisions for;

1) 4-20 specialist cannabis retail outlets in the "cafe" mode example &
2) An 'informal' out door market area for street dealers / occasional - amateur growers.
3) All business with an ABN in Nimbin able to retail any form of cannabis product along side their existing inventory.
4) Outdoor Organic Cannabis Growing CoOperatives, organized with the same ethos as the "multiple occupancy communities" that already exist in the Nimbin Valley.
4.20) 420 'designated' OutDoor Cannabis Gardens (show pieces) for tourists to visit and relax in.

Coffeeshop rules could include:

No admittance unless 18 years or older. No sale or use of hard drugs. Availability of heath information on cannabis use, harm reduction and cessation. Facility for summary closure for breach of fair trading regulations.

Other Issues:

Selection of café proprietors.
Anyone with the initiative, capital and ability to run a business.

Driving, Cookies and Legal Issues.

Coffeeshops would carry appropriate health information about cannabis use. Safety and driving would be included in this advice, as would advice about cookie consumption and any other health issues considered appropriate. The duty of care, beyond those of general liability, remains with the consumer. 

Supply of cannabis for Coffee Shops

In Nimbin, the issue of supplying enough cannabis is not really a problem. The supply of cannabis occurs at a ‘cottage industry’ level without organised crime links and there are enough local growers in the Nimbin area to maintain a steady supply of quality cannabis products. 

Market forces will determine the price and quality of cannabis products and the price of ‘bush buds’ should be driven down to around $50/30gm while more exotic or potent cannabis products might sell for as much as $100-150/30gm

In general cannabis users are a peaceful bunch, although mixing it with alcohol can fuel aggression.  I would expect Coffeeshops to be aware of these issues as part of their ‘server responsibility’.

It cannot be over emphasised that the Nimbin Community has already shown by it's actions over the last 30 odd years that it is capable of becoming a world leader in sustainable alternative lifestyle 'once given a free hand with-in the boundaries of the Nimbin Valley'.

an EXIT Strategy?

If, after 1 year, the objective of establishing "fair and just cannabis trading in a peaceful atmosphere" has not been achieved, if the streets are more violent than they are now, if tourism drops off, if anarchy and apathy rein, then Prohibition can be simply be reinstated and the jack boot of oppression reapplied.


words assembled by  
the non official smokesperson  
from the extreme edge of the radical fringe   
of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement