Millions Marching for Marijuana?



A brief History of Nimbin MMMMarches.....

The first time the Million Man Marijuana March was celebrated at the Nimbin Mardi Grass was 1999 and even though it wasn't an official event, [last century computers were either misunderstood or considered demonic tools of the enemy in Nimbin] the 1999 Nimbin MMMMarch did set the underground tone that has endured to this day - we don't actually march in Nimbin, the ACLRM usually high jacks the "Main Mardi Grass Speakers" at 4:15.40 and sounds the 4 minute 20 second "roll up" alert for the 4 20 Demonstration. In 1999 we handed out FREE Marijuana, over 200 all natural - all organic cannabis "space balls" each wrapped with a poem called FREE Marijuana.

The second time around was a bit different because it was a new millenium and the computer age had arrived. Not only was the 2000 mmmarch  on the official Mardi Grass program, but it was the first mmmmarch on earth to be broadcast live to the Internet. We launched the Freedom Ride in a blaze of electric digeridoos and had the 3rd largest crowd of cannabis law reform activists assembled on Earth the one day it really matters!

In 2001, London cancelled and New York was busted out of contention by the police who prevented the NY MMMMarch from forming and thus the tiny village of Nimbin Australia ended up hosting the biggest event on earth that year.........

A sizable cyber audience and a couple of smiling policemen watched as the MMMMarch 'rolled up' outside the Nimbin H.E.M.P. Embassy, the  peacebus was in the center of thousands of people rolling joints and it's "Blues Brothers horns" exhorting the crowd to show their defiance of the illogical laws by lighting up at exactly 4.20 PM.


inhale, exhale, inhale. Say it. No - More - Drug - War - Jails.
inhale, exhale, inhale. Sing it.. No - More - Drug - War - Jails.
inhale, exhale, inhale. Shout it... No - More - Drug - War - Jails.
inhale, exhale, inhale. DEMAND IT... No - More - Drug - War - Jails.

When the smoke had finally cleared, even the old local tokers agreed that it was the most joints they'd ever seen simultaneously rolled and ignited in the main street of Nimbin - and that's saying something!

In 2002 the Nimbin MMMMarch was centred on web cam imagery uploaded using the Big Bong Mobile Webcasting Unit which was parked right out side the H.E.M.P Bar / HEMP Embassy complex- right in the centre of the vortex that is the Mardi Grass at precisely 4.20 P.M........

It is as impossible to guesstimate the size of the roll up for the 2002 Nimbin MMMMarch as it is to guesstimate the total inhalance of cannabis  during the Protestival, but every number I have heard so far is in excess of 4 and 20 thousand cannabists! As usual in Nimbin, we din't march in a straight line, in fact, truth be told, we din't actually march at all, not much point even trying really, I mean even attempting to marshal the entire MardiGrass crowd to march from point A - via point B -to point C would be harder than herding 420 black cats at midnight and so, we decided to ask the entire crowd (via the loud speakers) to take one step forward, then three steps back, two steps forward and then one step back (a little semi-dance step thing we call the 'real pace' of cannabis law reform) which of course resulted in as much confusion as marshalling a march or changing an illogical law, point is that thousands upon thousands of people come together every year in Nimbin for exactly the same reason.... To call for an End to Cannabis Prohibition.

the 2003 Event....
We knew going in that that Nimbin was the only venue in Australia hosting a MMMMarch in 2003, we also figured that the 2003 crowd numbers were going reflect the downtrend in international tourism and so, to off set this, we decided that we needed to toke our demonstration up a level or 4.20 and do something different.

The idea to do something different alarmed many of the hard core members of the ACLRM, many mutinous murmurs of dissent were heard until it was realized that the active word was different, not do something. This is not to say that hard core members of ACLRM are apathetic, more to point out that the hard core members of the ACLRM are all too  well aware that actually doing something in the short term can be highly counterproductive in the long term. Example = Lobbying a government to change the law to allow ONLY doctors to proscribe ONLY "grown under a government license" indoor hydroponic  cannabis. Short term result terminally ill people get some pain relief, AIDS sufferers can keep their other meds down and the government and medical industries have a new cash cow. Long term we talking the industrialization of cannabis, not unlike releasing Mary Jane from jail only to lock her in the laboratory and the sweat shop.  Truth is that no sunlight or wind on the leaves, no worms in the soil and an over load of chemicals in the water combines to create an artificial pain relieving medicine that cannot be used as a preventative nor as a cure- it's relegalize or nothing -  say the hard core of the ACLRM. >> back to the MMMMarch>>

At 4.20 PM on the 3rd of May 2003 a huge cloud of highly green smoke wafted out the front door of the H.E.M.P Bar to signal the official toke-off of the 5th Nimbin MMMMarch and the start of something different. Rather than a march, a parade, a joint rolling and/or smoking demonstration or some other variation of a 'short term action/event', we embarked upon a "festival wide - 4 and 20 hour long" demonstration of responsible cannabis use that  included the entire crowd and concluded at 4.20 PM Sunday at the Mobile Big Bong Burger Bar in Peace Park.

So what did the 4 and 20 hour long Nimbin MMMMarch accomplish besides the combustion of prodigious amounts of cannabis? Short term? Proof positive that cannabis does not induce insanity, criminality or death. Long term? You gotta figure that a whole lot more working, smoking voting citizens embraced the concept of just cannabis law reform and that even more pressure will be applied to the N.S.W Government over the coming weeks and months to follow in the footsteps of the ever so sensible and conservative Swiss as they head down the path towards just cannabis relegalization.

Bottom Line? Let us all hope that all Governments follow the Swiss lead and that the only reason we gather together on the first of May 2004 is a for a victory parade, however, as Sun Tzu says in the Art of War. "Plan for the worst and hope for the best" and thus, it's time for this cannabist to head back to his pot hole for another 363 days (or hopefully less) of Just Cannabis Law Reform Activism.

till next



Words assembled by Max Stone,
the non official smokesperson from
the extreme edge of radical fringe of the
Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement

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