The non official view point of the radical fringe of the
Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement
January 2002



As you know, Just [and I mean just in both senses of the word] Cannabis Law Reform is pretty much the entire reason for my existence and 2001 has joined the long series of 'almost the year' that the illogical Cannabis Laws were repealed, yet, once again, for different reasons than any of the years before, Just Cannabis Law Reform turned out to be a total impossibility. It seems that no matter what we try, the gub'mint just won't budge, shit, I reckon it would be easier to raise the venture capital required to start our own version of N.A.S.A than to persuade all of the various special interest groups and all of the many Government Departments to End Cannabis Prohibition.

Actually, the Nimbin Alternative Space Association is not as far out as it first sounds, prolly wouldn't be a bad idea to work towards, yeah, maybe all us hippys and environmental activists should stop trying to save the sinking ship and start to get ready to leave this highly mechanized and politicized Cannabis-less planet to choke to death on it's own sewerage while we go tripping through space in search of the legendary planet Cannabinoid*. After all, how hard can it be to build space ships, satellites and stuff like that compared to Ending Cannabis Prohibition in this mercenary world?

Meanwhile, back on earth in my non fortified pothole high in the hills above Nimbin Australia and the global warming high tide mark, it's the start of the year 2002 and it seems to me that everywhere I look the word RE-LEGALIZE is written in large green letters all over the crumbling wall of Cannabis Prohibition, written in what I would have thought where letters TOO BIG to ignore, indeed, I think it's high time that the Government of NSW, realized that the Great Wall of Prohibition, (or the Cannabis Curtain as some of us call it,) is crumbling BIG TIME and that, if they, the NSW Government, correctly realign their trajectory with that of the radical fringe of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement, then they just might be able to Maximize the POTential of the miracle wonder plant that Cannabis has, unfortunately (for the totalitarians that is) turned out to be after 7 decades of paranoia and reefer madness propaganda were stripped away from the innocent herb by a virtual deluge of facts.

All of the data coming out of Europe and Canada points to 2002 being the year that 'just cannabis law reform' finally makes it all the way to the top of the "have to do pile" for all of the forward thinking governments on earth, I mean, Cannabis has long been the most 'almost important enough' piece of law reform that is 'almost on the agenda' of most of the Governments in the modern civilized world and all in all I believe we are about 3 jumbo jets and a jihad away from genuine and just cannabis law reform on a global basis.

Yep, even John Howard is going to have to do a radical about face on Cannabis Law Reform, especially once his beloved Queen starts puffing on her legal Cannabis. I realize that many of the persons exposed to this word assembly are what I call incrementalist regulators who favour the adoption of a taxable copyrightable mechanism of dealing with the Cannabis Conundrum.

To all incrementalist regulators I say beware.

Regulation means that only large pharmaceutical companies, corporations and governments will be able to maximize the potential inherent in the rebirth of the Hemp / Cannabis industry, re-legalization gives the "aussie battler" a chance to plant a natural seed without having to fill out any paper work or get permission from a government, because, when all is said and done, Re-legalization means that cannabis becomes "optional without harassment, either due to use or to use."

Words assembled by Max Stone
the nonofficial smokesperson from the radical fringe of

the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement.

* The legendary planet Cannabinoid is allegedly located on the inner hub of the galactic core in the Delta Nine Sector, co-ordinates four two zero.