Nimbin Mardi Grass
May 5-6 th  2001

webgreetings and welcome to the Mardi Grass 2001 ramp up site, this Mardi Grass, like last Mardi Grass, will be be totally linked to the web, with even more web cams than last year, but, as you can see, we haven't done much web wise, mostly because we are not sure if we are hosting the first Mardi Grass to be held after Cannabis is legalised or the last one before Cannabis is relegalised....

Anyway, the actual organizing - the scheduling and programming for the Mardi Grass doesn't start till the new year, how ever, there are a few things that we can confirm;

Firstly, that the Special Guest for the 2001 Mardi Grass is George McMahon, the 5th Person in the United States to be allowed to legally smoke cannabis for his medical conditions.  


George McMahon


George is provided his medication by the United States Government.

Export Quality Packaging!

CLICK HERE for more about GEORGE

Grown and rolled by Uncle Sam


As you can imagine, getting George into Australia may become some what complicated by the fact that he has to take his medicine cans with him where ever he goes. This will put the Australian Customs Department in a rather interesting position, because from one point of view, George will be legally transporting legal medicinal cannabis into Australia, yet from Australia's point of view he will be legally importing an illegal substance. The fact that the country that supplied George with the illegal-legal medicinal cannabis is the Global Super Power that requires Australia to Enforce Cannabis Prohibition - or else- serves only to further complicate the issue.


It can also be confirmed that Nimbin will host it's 3rd Million Man Marijuana March.....


One more thing, if you would like to be part of the Mardi Grass 2001 web team, send an email to rebelart, in the meanwwwhile, why not drop by the Big Bong Burger Bar, the Hemp Bar or the Nimbin Cafe....

Mardi Grass 2001 REALITY
by the Nimbin HEMP Embassy
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