Today is the day when millions of Cannabis Commandos in over 100 cities world wide WILL rise up from their POT holes and march proudly into battle to End the War on Drug Users.

Logic tells me that this year, when the battle is joined, the 3 pronged spear of Cannabis Law Reform - Medicinal Cannabis - Industrial Hemp - Human Rights will be able to pierce the rusty armour of the prohibitionists.

The Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement is calling for an IMMEDIATE cease fire in the War on Drugs - STOP THE ARRESTS - until such time as a referendum can determine whether the government possesses a clear mandate from the people to re-impose prohibition.

Webgreetings webTV User, unfortunately U can't see the webshow, and whilst I believe we should be fixing the problem, not fixing the blame, the simple truth is that webTV can't receive the web cam images yet, let's both hope the dudes at Web TV manage to catch up to the rest of the wwworld real soon ;O)--~

The Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement is about taking Cannabis Law Reform Action from Nimbin to the World with the launch of the Peace Bus Freedom Ride  - a pre-Olympic campaign by Justice Action and the ACLRM to bring witness to the suffering and tyranny created by the War on Drugs. 

The ACLRM is an affiliate of the Nimbin HEMP Embassy, and it aims to carry forward advocacy for cannabis law reform statewide, nationally and globally.

The Freedom Ride will visit all the major jails in NSW during July & August and, in collaboration with the prisoners inside, and their families outside, publicly count the prisoners of the War on Drugs.

The First Cannabis Internationale, (Monday & Tuesday 8 & 9 May) is a 2 day conference and global strategy session for people serious about being web effective in the struggle to re-legalise cannabis and End the War on Drug Users.


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