Zenwatt News

November '99

I am still recovering from a bout with 'the flu from hell', so am a bit behind schedule, however, Zenwatt has had a facelift, there are two new publications, the 'Zenwatt exhibition archive' is being built, and preparations for a new zenwatt cyber exhibition are underway.

The first new publication is a poetry book by Paris Naday titled "huge flowers".

Experimenting with formatting 'books' for the web, with fast download, pageturn by mouseclick, and no download lag between pages, I decided to try a slideshow format and have used 'powerpoint' from "microsoft office".

 It works a treat. If you want to 'borrow' this cyberbook then go to the catalogue room and click on the cover. You will need to have "powerpoint" on your computer to read it. Any comments on this idea would be appreciated. 

The 2nd publication is a philosophy discussion paper by Rob Harle. You don't need powerpont for this one.

  "Condemned to be free" is a discussion on the concept of human freedom as developed by Jean Paul Sartre. 

Something a little more frivolous by Rob can be seen in the Zenwatt archives, along with two 'weavings' by Sandra, and the "what is a zenwatt" rave including a rare pic of a 'zenwatt fish'.

Anybody with any photos or text from the original zenwatt exhibitions please email.

Click here to see a potted history of Zenwatt 

peace and goodwill     zenwatt