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zenwatt News  January 2000

 "Larger than Life"

exhibition now showing in

foyer1 and foyer2

This exhibition is an experiment in time and space. I didn't want to have a list of artists followed by a catalogue of thumbnails like most other 'art gallery' sites I have seen.

 The "Larger than Life" site is designed to reproduce the time/space of a 'reality' exhibition. I incorporated the experience of travel, and of distance, by incorporating lateral as well as vertical scrolling, with space between objects. Each 'foyer' is a large hall with doors, in this case hyper linked images/text, that lead to the personal 'exhibition rooms/pages' of the artists. Each room is 'decorated/set up' uniquely according to the material to be presented.

There are new additions to the zenwatt library in the pipeline, an  illustrated children's story, part 1 of 'The keep is dark' a novel, "Drug law and necessity- An opportunity for change", a document co-written by an Australian magistrate and a law student detailing the 'medicinal marijuana' legal defence according to Australian law, a trilogy of novels, a short story and some poetry. 

Stay tuned, set some time aside to visit the gallery, enjoy your visit, all comments wwwelcome