wwweb greetings dear readers,

turkeys are being sacrificed as we speak,

thousands of children with their bellies full of hunger gaze at the moon in far off lands,

the lion and the lamb are displayed in separate cages,

and people send each other mad                         hoping for feasts they cannot have,

Anyway that's the philosophical rambling bit over and done with....

and on with December news. 

Wwwell, I'm still experimenting with presentation of 'books' on the web, I'm learning animation and applets at mo. The next exhibition, "larger than life" is due up now but I am still waiting for a few contributions. This exhibition should be pre millennium, and y2k compatible, but who knows? 

I have also tried a new format for the main exhibition page "the foyer" which involves scrolling sideways as well as down, will be happy for feedback about this idea.

I haven't done so much this month as I have been so busy learning how!

'till next


P.S.  If you would like me to let you know when "Larger than Life" is 'up' then email me zenwatt@nimbinaustralia.com.