fellow travellers on the global information superhighway! 

You have arrived at the front door of the Zenwatt discerning Library of Ideas.

This cyber Library and publishing house has all of the good parts of traditional library values plus some new ones!


Zenwatt Library by-laws.

 1. As a service to the global public and with the aim of promoting understanding and free dissemination of information and ideas across the spectrum, all publications are able to be browsed or read for free.

2. The word 'discerning' in the title means that the Chief Librarian (in this case, at this time, me) has absolute control over content. Much like any other Library or publisher.

3. Documents will be published to the world wide web, in full. Novels, for example, can be quite lengthy, so all publications can be downloaded and read offline. When desired, hard copies may be purchased through mail-order, on disc or dead trees. Dead tree publications will be limited edition works of Art.

4. The Library is a collection of zenwatt publications, and for the most part will contain works of current, living, artists.

5. It's ok if you print stuff from the website for yourself or friends, but selling same would be against the integrity of the whole deal. (I guess that was the copyright bit.)

Zenwatt March 1999