Barbara Taylor



Flashing Silver

Within framed filigreed trees and sky

bewitched and mesmerised

eyes focus on that silver line,

a single streak of dazzling fractals

flicker and sheen;

A jet? a comet?

a meteorite?

a rocket?

or just a connective strand,

slicing through clouds and





The Goddess of Small Things

At the end of a beam


through rusted iron

and siliconed roof

now an embedded glow

on ochred mounds



humility in this light.






Nature Culture/Kultur Natur


The Terns at Belongil have again returned,

falling like sky-borne debris in the aftermath of a storm,

or swarming locust plagues in a great sandy desert —

like heavy falls of pristine snowflakes


flowing rhythmically, silently,

kaleidoscopic — holographic,

optically whimsical — bizarre — frenetically flashing

and dashing

— colourfully floating, swerve after curve —

flying up to azure heavens

landing onto silver sands

— creating artistic masterpieces in the third dimension —

and it is free flowing

  and always changing




The Rise and Fall of Citriodora


Bruised scented leaves lie curled and dead,

and broken dappled branches grope,

embracing our sodden earth,

this lucky land of hope?

How I miss your ghostly presence now,

my aching heart is all despair;

those seeds and twigs, that twisted bough,

I alone know you once were there —

I weep, you weep — on some days less,

smelling your whimpers in the breeze,

and humbly beg forgiveness,


for in decay your message still

exudes Nature’s perfect glory,

and kooka’s angry calls, so shrill,

make this a sad yet happy story ...

torn limbs sprawl atop the lawn,

with saw teeth-marks gashed in sides;

and now, when stroking years of endless dawn

o’er your silk body, my hands do softly glide,

making tears of serendipity flow:

I am agog at grainy fractals in your skin,

where emerging vivid beauty glows,

— a simple formula therein —

becoming smaller, and smaller

within every shaved single layer,

this sea of chaos into order

thus creates "God’s Thumbprint"

with care.



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