Brief History of Zenwatt

"Zenwatt" started a few years ago when a group of artists got together to promote their work. 

We  rented an exhibition space at the "Bush factory" in Nimbin and held "zenwatt" exhibitions after the movies. These were more of an 'event' than static exhibitions, with live performances and bacchanalian feasts. Our group consisted of painters, ceramicists, sculptors, musicians, performance artists and one poet ... that was me. 

The 'zenwatt events' were very successful as far as events go, I mean everyone had a rollicking good time and the artwork was amazing... but... we didn't sell enough of our 'products' to pay the rent, so we gave up our lease and decided to hold random events "whenever we got the urge". 

In 1999, the need to publish my work led me to the 'computer' which led me to the internet... and the idea to build a Zenwatt cyber publishing house and exhibition space.

...and here we are in zenwatt2000.


goodwill and happiness to you all,

Zenwatt, May 2000



"Zenwatt" is a cyber library, publishing house and art gallery, web, design, philosophy, non-fiction, fiction, sculpture, art, reading, books, book, novel, publish, publishing, gallery, exhibition, comedy, politics, radical, rebel, ideas, idea, art, for current living artists, writers.