Nimbin Pre-School and Child Care Association Incorporated
@t the Nimbin Showgrounds on Cecil Street


We are a two-group Pre-School catering for 40 three-to-five-year-olds, for three or two days per week.  Each Group has a qualified teacher and an assistant, as well as a daily roster parent.


As a result of regular gatherings, fundraising, and a lot of hard work by committed parents, Nimbin Pre-School opened in June 1982.  It was permitted to operate for two years under a temporary permit by the then Department of Youth and Community Services, in order to work towards the required standards approved by the Department. Continued efforts by parents to raise money for renovations, equipment, etc, meant that the criteria for a full licence were met by June 1984. The Pre-School, however, remains a community project funded partially by Government grants, with the balance made up by fees and regular fundraising.


The Pre-School is run by parents for their children. General (Parents) Meetings are held at the start of each term, and parents are urged to attend and share decision-making.  The meetings are followed by tea, coffee and supper, which offers the opportunity for parents to meet each other.  At the Annual General Meeting, held at the start of each year, the body of members (parents) elects a Pre-School Committee to represent them.

The Committee is responsible for the management of the Pre-School, employment and payment of staff, and a range of social, educational and fund-raising activities during the year.  Support from all parents helps the Pre-school to run happily and well.

The Committee meets monthly and all parents are encouraged to attend, especially if you need clarification of an issue, or have ideas to share. Please contact any committee member, as you see fit. Members’ phone-numbers are available from the Pre-School.


Pre-School Is a learning place where children, parents and teachers come together in a friendly, supportive environment.  Children learn through the play activities they select within the environment that has been planned by the staff. Children develop abilities, skills, independence, self-confidence and attitudes, all of which are foundations for later learning. They learn to communicate using language, to form basic concepts, to accept and adjust to other people, to make friends, and to understand people's roles in the community. They learn physical skills, enjoyment of music, to care for the environment, to protect plants and animals, and much more.


Monday-Wednesday Group - 4-5 year olds.

Thursday/Friday Group - 3-4 year olds.

If your child is going to be absent please notify your child's teacher


Both groups start at 9.00am and finish at 3.00pm.  Children must be brought to Pre-School on time to benefit fully from the programme planned for them.  It is important that these hours be strictly observed, as the staff cannot be responsible for any child outside these hours, and the child will not be covered by our Insurance.

Children must be signed-in and -out each day, and cannot just be dropped at the gate.  Please bring your child to greet the staff each morning, and help them get into the routine of putting their fruit in the basket and their bags in their lockers.  If someone else will be collecting your child, you must write the details beside the sign-in form AND tell a staff member.


·     One piece of fruit for morning tea each day (which goes into fruit-basket on arrival).

·     A packed lunch. (Purified water is provided for drinking).  Our Food and Nutrition Policy is on the noticeboard in full and, parents should note, it is our policy to educate children about good nutritional habits.  Children will be taught about the connection between good food and health, including dental health.  No child will be made to feel inadequate because of the contents of their lunch-box.  However, lollies and other sugary foods are discouraged.  If they are brought to Pre-School, staff may ask children to take them home uneaten.

·     One cot-sized quilt or cover for Rest-time in the winter months.

·     One toilet roll per term.

·     All items must be clearly marked

·     All children will be provided with a hand-towel, a mattress cover and a bag to store it in, and a sunhat, all of which are washed regularly and used by your child exclusively between washes.


 If your child must travel by school-bus, we ask that you come to the Pre-School at least once a week to maintain communication links between teachers and parents.


On your child's birthday, you may like to provide a cake (with candles) which can be shared for morning or afternoon tea. No extra lollies or treats please.


Please read the noticeboards regularly.  There is a Parent Library of information and resource books.  Check your “pocket" daily for messages, newsletters, receipts, etc.


The Parent Roster system is an opportunity for parents to participate with and observe their child at Pre-School.  You are asked to assist staff In such duties as preparing fruit for morning tea and washing-up. A ROSTER CHART FOR EACH GROUP IS ON DISPLAY AND ALL PARENTS SHOULD FILL IN THEIR NAMES ON THE DAYS MOST SUITABLE TO THEM.

 For the 3-day Group, six full days, evenly distributed through the year. For the 2-day Group, four full days per year (one day per term).  Parents are asked to sign the Roster Book in the office on their roster days.  If you are unable to attend on your chosen day, please notify the staff as soon as possible so a replacement can be found. The staff will give you names and phone numbers of possible replacements.

 Failure to complete the required number of roster days incurs a forfeiture of $60 levy (3-day Grp) and $40 (2-day Grp) per year, with your child's name.



 Fees are charged on a Term basis and are due on the first day of each Term. These fees are used for the general running expenses, which government subsidies do not cover. Those parents unable to pay the full amount owing, may pay regular part- payments by prior arrangement with the Treasurer.   If fees are not paid in full by the end of each Term the child cannot return next Term.  Fees must be paid on or before your child's first day of Pre-School, and the first day of each subsequent Term.  Once a child is enrolled, fees are payable whether the child is absent or present in order to preserve your child's position. You may have already paid the $16.50 enrolment fee to put your child on the Waiting List : this is non-refundable.

 Parents must become members of the Nimbin Pre-School and Child Care Association Inc. before the child can be enrolled. Membership of the Association entitles you to vote at General Meetings, and thus have a say in how the Pre-School is run.  The membership fee is $5 plus GST per family per year  (or per parent If both wish to have voting rights).

 Full fees:

 Mon-Wed Group: $345.00 per term

 Thurs-Fri Group: $230.00 per term

 Low lncome: for eligibility, refer to the Director (teacher-in-charge) of your child's Group.

i.e. $10 per roster day.  This levy is paid In full on or before the child's first day at Pre-School.


·     By taking an active role in Pre-School management.

·     By attending General Meetings and supporting the Committee.

·     By helping with and attending any fund-raising activities, e.g. raffles, cake-stalls etc. 

·     At no time will any parents be asked to participate in any activities that conflict with their moral or religious beliefs.

·     We may have one fund-raising event each term, and If you cannot contribute at any time you may be charged a $5 levy.

·     By remembering to pay your fees promptly.  Failure to observe this request means a great deal of extra voluntary work for the Treasurer.

·     By your consideration and cooperation with the Management Committee of the Pre-School.  Remember that the Committee work on a voluntary basis for the benefit of your children.

·     By assisting In working-bees, and regular maintenance chores, like window- cleaning, weeding the garden, lawn- mowing, etc. There is a Duties List on display, to which you may add your name to the chore you are happy to volunteer for, or on the Enrolment Form.












Nimbin Pre-School and Child Care Association Incorporated
@t the Nimbin Showgrounds on Cecil Street
P.O.Box 36 Nimbin 2480
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