Nimbin = Disneyland? Disneyland = Nimbin?

It's starting to make sense, no wonder the school age children in Nimbin act the way they do, they think they are in Disneyland. Poor things, like many childless anarchists in their late 50's, I usually blame the parents and since they are the ones who have to spend the most amount of time dealing with the problems caused by the conceited little snots, I usually call it karma and leave it at that, because, just like in Disneyland, how can you blame dopey for being dopey? But it seems no one has told the children that they are rude, or perhaps the children know that a harsh hippy scolding don't hurt at all and thus they can act act as they want, where they want, when they want, thing is, that all the adults I know in Nimbin agree that other peoples spoilt children are the biggest problem that Nimbin faces in the near term, bigger even than Prohibition.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate children anymore than I hate unbaked loaves of bread, it's just that I have no time for children, don't even hardly
notice them except occasionally, I'm too busy surviving in an adult world,
the world where uncivilized behaviour such as we see in the gentle paradise
of Nimbin gets you killed, but, and, thanks to my non emotionally attached
viewpoint - I think that I have arrived at the most humane solution to the
problem of the problem children in Nimbin.

Give them a back pack, a passport and a plastic card with say $250 a week to spend and a one way ticket around the world that's good for a year, in fact I think this is such a good idea that if the government can't be persuaded to some how foot the bill, then ALL of the parents of ALL the children in Nimbin should ALL foot the bill, sure a couple of them might die from some horrible disease, get caught in the middle of a war, starve in a famine, or get blown apart by a car bomb, but that's part of life in the outside world for the vast majority of the citizens of earth and I can think of no better way of preparing the children of Nimbin for their future than letting them see exactly what is happening in the world outside happy valley. Indeed, the only downside to this most humane of solutions to the problem of the problem children of Nimbin is if the politically correct facilitators get involved and morph the idea so that each and everyone one of the conceited mega puppies considers them selves ambassadors of Nimbin.