Cannabis Café's in Nimbin?

If there's a tidal wave of change…and its coming right through here!
I'd rather build a boat than a wall.

Legalisation of cannabis for medicinal, recreational and industrial use is inevitable. Decriminalisation is but a finger in the dyke.

Legalisation and decriminalisation of cannabis IS happening and being discussed NOW by governments who aren't at war, all over the world. The question our government will struggle with, is not "why"…the evidence is mounting at their door. The question is "how"… and for Nimbin specifically and in relation to cannabis café's specifically the question is…

"How can we best integrate the already existing "underground cannabis economy" and incorporate the changes that are occurring with the current relaxation of the drug laws, to derive the most benefit and the least harm, for our community." 

Lets be honest! Huge amounts of cannabis in various forms are being shipped in and out of Nimbin on a daily basis. Nimbin is known both regionally and internationally as a destination for procuring cannabis and being able to use it in relative safety. There has been at least 1 cannabis café operating in Nimbin for the past 20 odd years. Saying 'lets not have them" is like saying "lets still pretend they're not here".

I believe that a community and police guided pilot project to legitimize the cannabis trade in Nimbin would be the best boat to build to ride the wave of legalisation…that is coming.

Legalisation of cannabis is the only sensible option facing governments overwhelmed with the negative effects of prohibition and the impossible task of dealing with a health issue via the legal system.

A "trial" of cannabis café's in Nimbin will provide the Nimbin community with an infrastructure to successfully manage the integration of Cannabis commerce into our society. 

Some positive effects of Cannabis Café legitimization.

1. Provide a legitimate "off street" market and distribution network for growers and sellers removing the need for "street trafficking". 

2. Provide safe, reputable venues for 'partakers'. Places where local musicians perform, local art and craft are displayed and sold, and information about other Nimbin services, products, events, accommodation and drug education etc could be found.

3. Reduce fear, suspicion and jealousy in the community.

4. Provide funds for community projects by means of a 'green tax'.

5. Allow community input into the regulation of the café's.

6. Allow the promotion of cannabis cafes to be incorporated into an overall image promotion for Nimbin where Nimbin is presented, not as 'a haven for drugs", but as a village with a vast experience in finding new, sustainable solutions to inherited dilemmas, sure we're 'cool' about drugs, but it's not the only thing we're 'cool' about. 

So far Nimbin pioneers in areas of alternative energy, economy, healing, housing, education, agriculture, resource management, land title and land development, to name a few. Of course we are going to be the first to make the best use of the current political climate, and responsibly reintegrate cannabis into our economy. 

We are Nimbin that's what we do!

This "view from Paris"
August 22nd Y2K