Personal Design & Creation of your Website.

Our design team can, and do, work with everything from a lip stick imprint on a table napkin to fully formatted printed images or text. In all cases the original material must be converted to Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) which is the format used on the World Wide Web. We can use material from your existing graphics portfolio, company logos, digitally scanned photos, magazine articles, or images captured by us on our digital video and stills camera, we can also assemble new words for you or freshen up your existing motto or slogan as part of the service.

A Web 'page' is not just one computer screenful or one page of information, it's a story, a catalogue, a showpiece, an idea and an all-hour, all-year electronic sales device rolled into one. It simply depends on what you want to say or what information you wish to display.

You only get one chance to make a first impression......

Designing & constructing web sites is a process not unlike that of building AND then decorating a house. Each page is an individual room with a specific function, linked by passage ways, particular attention must be given to lay out, other wise your house guests may have to find their way through the toilet in order to enter the living room!

Designing effective, informative graphics that are small and fast-loading is very important and part of our service, individual pages can be as simple or as complex as you wish, and include information requests, guestbooks, feedback forms and surveys. We can include all e-commerce facilities and live webcam technology. Our comprehensive stats program monitors and tracks the visitors to your site, counts the hits and pages visited, and even how long they stay on each page.


Publishing to the Web

A primary function of a Web Site is to act as a low cost, globally accessible Advertising - Product Display Mechanism. This is unlike conventionally printed material in the respect that they can be changed or updated for a relatively small cost. The HTML material prepared for you by us is your property to display wherever you wish.

We can host, maintain and update your files for you. The Website and other files are stored on fast, dedicated WWW servers. These servers operate on high-bandwidth network connections 24 hours a day with and are backed up hourly. All Web pages are hosted by dedicated servers based in Salt Lake City, USA.

In this instance a WWW address for you might be If you require your own Internet address like there are additional costs. We can apply and arrange for your own Internet domain as part of the contract. If you feel Internet and email addresses are important to you, then you should do it sooner rather than later, before someone else registers your domain name.

You will also need an "Independent" dialup internet account with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get full benefit from your Website. Customer mail replies will be directed to your own mailbox for your attention. If you do not have an ISP or need advice as to where to go, we can help as part of our service.


Search Engine Profiling is no good having a web page if no-one can find it.

S.E.P is one of our specialities, indeed, we can virtually guarantee to elevate your site into the top 1% on most of the major search engines for your targeted key words- words that best describe your product/project. Conventional advertising is still an advantage, adding your website URL (address) to all stationery and advertising campaigns is a must, think of your URL like directions to an electronic Bill Board on the side of the Information Super Highway.



Design charges will depend on the content and size of your website. Our basic fee is $50 per page and $20 per hour. Flash movies, webcam, guestbooks, e-commerce facilities etc cost extra, we can give you a quote ar our first appointment.

Hosting charges are related to the URL (web address) and the size of the site and start as low as $50 per quarter for a one page presence.

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Webpage or website

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Feel free to contact us for any further information and pricing, or to discuss how we can help you to get your specific business, product &/or service on the net.