Nimbin Music 



Nimbin has a huge population of musicians, live music can be heard most days in Nimbin, There are many buskers playing in the street, from flutes to electric harmonica, jam sessions in the local cafes as well as bands playing in various local Halls, the Pub and the Bowling Club.

The latest happening on the Nimbin Music scene is the establishment of NimFM, a community owned and run radio station.

To HEAR a selection of our music, go to the Nimbin radio Archives (click the media and then audio links), where you will find recordings of local musicians available for download. is a happening nimbin musicians site check it out!Click on the links below to see more of Nimbin Music.

We are very proud of our Community radio station! NimFm. Live broadcast everyday and staffed entirely by volunteers NimFm is a resounding success, and an example of Nimbin community Spirit in action.



The café jazz styling of the SKYLARKS has been a hit with audiences throughout the North Coast and Gold Coast regions since its formation mid-2002, with processed electric guitar sounds combining with the more typical upright bass and brushes rhythm section to produce a sparse and poignant platform for the inimitable lead vocals of singer Lisa Yeates.


The hills are alive...

Green-fever is a collection of Nimbin Hits from various artists. Also check out the Marijuana music awards to be held at the Nimbin Mardigrass may 2004. Lots of links to Nimbin musicans sites + movies and images at the green-fever site.

Click here for more about Pagan love Cult.  

"... we here in the Pagan Love Cult have a long and divergent life experience in music as a tool for getting high, our new CD-ROM...The Pagan Love Cult inc.- A Compendium of Sex, Drugs and Eco-terrorism contains many examples of this.
Pagan Love Cult

To find out more about this unique recording studio click here.

Bush Traks
Bush Traks is a professional recording and multimedia studio operating from a bushy creek-bank location in the Bush Factory, a converted butter factory on the edge of the village of Nimbin, the counterculture capital of Australia.