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The Art of Healing in Nimbin starts with Acupuncture and doesn't end with Zen shiatsu.

Embracing diversity and multiculturalism whilst seeking to find sustainable alternatives to all facets of life, Nimbin is a wonderful suppository (excuse the pun) for a wide variety of healing practitioners applying a huge variety of methods from  traditional to conventional to ...out of this world.

Any Nimbin health practitioners who wish to be included in the directory or anyone with any questions about healing services available in Nimbin please email

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Sundara Retreat Healing Center

Sundara is a rural haven surrounded by a beautiful subtropical gardens and abundant wildlife at the centre of Billen Cliffs Eco Village.

We offer Reiki, Swedish Massage, Wholistic Pulsing, Rebirthing, Yoga, Iridology
and Chi Gung
by experienced accredited practitioners.

We can accommodate individuals and family sized groups for Spiritual and Health retreats in a tranquil and energising environment, also ideal for Artists and Writers retreats.

Cabin, caravan, camping and healing Tipi.


Check our website Sundara Retreat centre for more details or Phone (02) 6633 7037

Nimbin Ear Acupuncture Recovery treatment is non verbal, non chemical, with no pre-requisites and no questions asked.

It entails having five acupuncture pins inserted in each ear and sitting quietly in a circle.

An optional twelve Step recovery program is offered following the treatment.

NEAR is administered by share volunteers trained by A-NADA protocol for detoxification. The treatment is open to everyone, no appointment needed. Entry is by donation.

Phone S.H.A.R.E. on 6689 0253        ALL WELCOME
Click here for more information.

The Nimbin Apothecary offers professional, friendly, over-the-counter naturopathic health care whilst providing herbal extracts, homeopathic, dietary supplements, creams and ointments at affordable prices. Upon request we make up mixtures for simple ailments, prescribe appropriate supplements and give health care advice.

54 Cullen Street Nimbin 2480
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The following words about Nimbin healing are taken from an article in the locally produced "Nimbin News"  June/July 2000 edition.

Nimbin is a healing place.

By Kathy Stavrou


Nimbin being a healing place, there are a lot of really nice health practitioners and healing facilities around town.

So what is “healing” anyway? The electronic thesaurus says “medical, pharmaceutical, curative, restorative, prophylactic (protective), preventative.” My Intergalactic 1952 Webster’s says healing is from hal, whole, and haelan to heal, to make whole, meaning to make sound, well or healthy again; cure or get rid of (disease); to free from, remedy or get rid of grief, troubles and evil; to make up, to reconcile.

Now that’s Nimbin, taken in the correct dosage, to a T. reconciling, that’s an interesting one, because until you reconcile with yourself, you can’t reconcile with anyone or anything. And that’s not healthy. Not to mention all the non-medical healing activities that take place here, laughter and smiling being healthy activities, and the free soup kitchens on Fridays and Saturdays, and the sweet air and water; and the blessing of the trees. Not to mention the sport and dancing. (And all the rest of it). All to do with aspects of love in one form or another, I guess.

As far as seeking professional input into your heath; if you like, you can mainstream it, and take your ills and your physical woes and worries to the healing crew at the Nimbin Medical Centre, which offers a 24 hour service in conjunction with the Nimbin Hospital’s accident and emergency facilities.

There’s the Nimbin Chemist shop. Or there is the Drug and Alcohol Counsellor at the Neighbourhood Centre, detoxification assistance at the Nimbin Hospital, a needle and syringe program behind the Community Health  Centre, and at the same place the Dental, Physio and Acupuncture clinics, Community Nurses, and a child Psychologist. A child health nurse visits the Community Health Centre and the Nimbin Neighbourhood Centre. Also at the Neighbourhood Centre there’s MEND for men troubled by their violence.

Then there’s the Nimbin Apothecary, which was the first over the counter herbal and homoeopathic dispensary on the North Coast. In the words of the Apothecary’s Diana Roberts: “I think Nimbin is a healing place, that’s why so many sick people come here, for compassion, for an ear to listen, for skilled services and knowledge, much of it available as a gift, for nothing or next to nothing.”

Then down Sibley St. there’s the Nimbin Wholistic Health Centre, in the old Masonic Hall (appropriately, the foundation stone was laid by S. Pine in about 1952), where you can find healing chiropractic, homoeopathic, and massage treatments, and the healing activities at the Nimbin Gymnasium as well.

And back up near the Nimbin Community Centre, there is Doug Whitlen’s chiropractic centre. In the Birth and Beyond building, as well as the Apothecary, there’s holistic healing, deep tissue massage and acupuncture, a detox clinic for addiction and 12 Step Recovery Meetings, SHAIDS, Narcotics Anoymous, zen shiatsu by Amara, and of course the wonderful NEAR, which is the Nimbin Ear Acupuncture for treatment of addictions of all sorts, including behavioural.

And back down Sibley St there’s Bija Yoga classes, breath connection and rebirthing, and Feldenkrais gentle movement. In the next Episode, I’ll tell you more about the spiritual healing facilities you can find around here, and also refer to any Nimbin healers I should have added to the list today, but have accidentally left out.

Kathy Stavrou.


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