Travelling down the information superhighway, we see many roads leading off  to the left and right, so many choices!

Your URL is your cyber address that tells people where to find you. In the same way as geographical location is important for the success of your 'physical' venture your URL is just as important when setting up your 'virtual' venture.  Promotion of your address is the main way for people to find you.

Yourname.something tells people you are a serious enough about what you do to register your concept,  that you stand alone and are not a compartment of some greater entity. "Yourname Building", George St Sydney, is easier to remember than suite 12/ fourth floor/'someone elses building', George St Sydney.


There are two parts to creating your own domain.


1. Registering the name. Registration is usually for two years and is similar to registering a business name, except your domain name is a global registration, there will be only one domain on earth with yourname.


2. Hosting. Our hosting prices for domains start at $1 per day.


Registration charges vary. We can handle all the initial setting up and registration of your domain as well as build and maintain your zone if needed.


For further information and/or a quote, email an outline of your concept to