networking nimbin now is designed to act as a catalyst for

networking the nimbin community to; 

# increase business flow

# provide information to visitors and locals

# create international networks with like minded people/towns

# promote the artists, writers, musicians, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, etc of Nimbin...and the environmentally friendly lifestyle.

# widen the prospects of nimbin product sales by providing  mail order and e-commerce facilities to local initiatives.

# pool community resources and promotion opportunities by creating a link network, so that no matter which nimbin website someone finds themselves at they have access to all others.

# create a forum for social discussion and local promotion.

# Provide hosting,  web design, and email services for nimbin businesses and individuals with a subject specific URL,


for example website address  = 


email address  =

The aim is to provide a place where anyone can access a comprehensive list of the services, products, attractions and talents of the nimbin Community.

As a community service every 'business' in nimbin can be listed for free in the "services directory" for more about this service click here

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