May 1
& 2 - 2010


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webgreetings and welcome to the nimbinaustralia nimbinmardigrass page.

Thanks to the CameraDoods.. Stephen Lister, Jayde Kunkel and David Graham. For the record, the 3 'tubes' below were filmed and then edited, rendered and uploaded from the H*E*M*P*Bar with-in hours of each event and they only represent the tip of 150 GIGGLEBYTE archive of most every event that was the 2010 MardiGrass. Footage that will eventually find it's way onto a D.V.D that will be sold in the H*E*M*P*Embassy.

Thanks also to the hard working and fast walking photographers who have covered every event and delved deep into every magic pocket of the protestival, in particular G Force who handed in almost 800 high quality images and last but certainly not least, ultra-meta-special thanks to the MardiGrass WebMaster for coding and loading the many googlebytes of images into the galleries for us to link to, all together, a very professional and polished production. Great work everyone.




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Jann Subiaco Photo Gallery

I found this last one doing a Nimbin Mardi Grass search on youtube, and the thing that really rocked me about this clip is that at the 4 minute and 20 second point in the footage Max Stone starts talking about the BigJoint to Canberra Mission on the loud speakers in the background. How's that for some 420 magic?????


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