(and friends)

(our 7th webbed veiw of)


MardiGrass oo7

See ya MardiGraSS oo7, go now and take your place in history as the next best ever MardiGraSS, 15 of you now in the history books, 15 amazing demonstrations of commitment to do the impossible against overwhelming odds; change the way a planet thinks about one plant in particular and all plants in general as a matter of urgency. This was the most environmentally focused of all the MardiGrii and the most international. The weather, often a conversation of much importance before and during a MardiGraSS amongst the M.O.B  this year all the yakking was ONLY about how this was DEFINITELY the hottest and driest MardiGraSS on record. Police? Yep they came, seemed like every member of the Richmond Area Command came to visit at one time or another, arrests were made almost entirely from amongst the poly drug abusers, the official result was 107 arrests out of over well over 10,000 POTential arrests, resulting in 50 charges, 62 cannabis cautions or yellow cards as we call them and 4.2 Kilograms of cannabis was seized. Can you believe it 4.20 Kilo's? Surely it is a sign that the police are getting into the 420 thing and some of them at least, are on our side and perhaps they will now help us lobby the N.S.W Government for change. Anyway, the bottom line was that less that 1% of the MardigraSS bungled their way across the line of irresponsibility and that 99% passed the responsibility test enforced by the police! Proof yet again of the power of pot for peace.

Anyway, its time for me to write the standard post MardiGraSS paragraph about the length of the photoshop video editing queues and the shortness of time to write more words to wrap up MardiGraSS oo7... I do know one thing, I'm writing these words in the H*E*M*P*Bar where its mardigrass all year round !

Part One of the Sunday Parade, taken with intel webcamera
(which is why its silent) attached to the BiG BonG HaT,
this is the footage streamed live to the web.

Part Two..

Part 3,aka, Part 2 of Part 2...

Part 4, the Parade in Peace Park, aka Part 3....

Part 4.20


This will be the 9th time that the MardiGrass will be a rallying point for all who wish to join the global ranks of Cannabis Law Reform Activists in the biggest simultaneous protest on the Planet, a non stop barrage of protest that will circle the world following the 420 peace wave through all time zones, millions of people all standing up with a joint in their hand. In Nimbin we will be in standing in Peace Circles (with a joint in our hands) Chanting... Pot for Peace and Peace for Pot.

Lessons from 2004? Forming a peace circle is a bit like sky diving
No photo can do it justice, it's an experience!

An event that is somewhat different every year and always somewhat the same and 2007 is something like what happened in 2004 and a lot like a lot of years in that we will attempt to light as many joints (and pipes) simultaneously to participate in the 420 peace wave, to create a bunch of peace filled smoke signals that will be visible from a satellite or other over flying object, several planes and a googlecopter are rumoured to be over flying, the Peace Circles that are to be created are all entries in the PoT ArT Competition, with video support powwwered by youtube !!!!

4:15:40 AEST... webgreetings MardiGrass and the mainstreet of Nimbin, the time is almost four twenty, so I would ask everyone hold out your joint straight in front of you, now, the GoogleCopter is almost here and you will see it before you hear it and it will appear as a very small speck to the north, everyone point their joints towards the North. Now the GoogleCopter is going to take lots of pictures so I want everyone who is not listening to these loudspeakers to keep walking and acting as background, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for participating in the Biggest Cannabis Law Reform Demonstration on planet earth. Okay, arms out stretched and joints pointed to the north, can't be much longer now, the clock is ticking and it won't be long before we get to see the GoogleCopter, and while we are waiting I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the huge number of cybercitizens who have been asking GoogleEarth to update it's map for the last year or so, it's very close now, very close to happening now, I  can almost see the GoogleCopter, except its coming from the south, can every one turn 180% anticlockwise to the south, that's right smoothly slowly turn to the south and look for the small dot appearing in the south. South? Did I say south, I meant to say east, its east, sorry everybody, my mistake, keep spinning smoothly slowly peacefully towards the east, arms out stretched- joints ready to light, okay, I can see you are all spinning around in circles, so everyone say GOOGLE and take a picture! I can see the GoogleCopter? Can't you? LOLOLOL and now, in time with thousands of others, lets take part in the peace wave that sweeps around earth each day and every day and Light our JoinTs and think peace for pot and pot for peace!

4:20 on 420 Day 2007 webcam's 7th birthday 4:20 at MardiGrass