Caution with Cannabis Cookies

When eaten, the effects of cannabis come on slowly and then are noticeable for three to six hours depending on the users metabolism.

When using cannabis cookies for the first time, we recommend a self experimentation process whereby you eat half and wait (about 1 hour) to gauge the effects. If you feel you want more after that time, eat some more.

Eating too much cannabis cookie can lead to heightened euphoric effects, confusion and, for some people panic.

If change makes you anxious, withdrawn or insecure, it is especially important to take care with your cannabis intake. Have a friend you can trust with you when you first try cannabis cookies.

Deep breathing and a drink of orange juice or other vitamin C enriched drink should relieve any symptoms of panic which might arise.

Adverse effects of Cannabis

Not one death has been recorded due to Cannabis overdose.

Their has been vast research on the adverse effects of cannabis use and few harms have been proven. Please note the following however.

People prone to mental illnesses such as shizophrenia and bipolar syndrome, are advised NOT to use cannabis.

Cannabis has been known to impair complex motor skills. You are advised NOT to drive when using cannabis.

Possession and supply of Cannabis is illegal. 

Please be aware that possession and supply of cannabis is at this time illegal.