The Big Joint.

The Nimbin Hemp Embassy's Big Joint is a famous icon for Cannabis Law Reform, to read more about its exploits, click Big Joint 1999 or Big Joint 2001
Joint Project to Build a New Big Joint

Mardi Grass is looking for people with construction skills to come and help build a new Big Joint.  The latest in a distinguished line of Parade & Protest items, TBJ (The Big Joint),  was last seen in the possession of the Victorian Police who are currently looking for a very big light.

So come and help us build several parade items, banners, signs and street decorations.  The MardiGrass 2001 workshop is now up and running.  If you would like to help with these and other fun activities, drop by the Nimbin HEMP Embassy or ring the MardiGrass Hot Line on 0266 891 050 or Andy on 0266 891 844