Inspired by the Victorian Governments proposed amendment to the Road Safety Bill… “Police will be armed with video cameras to record suspect drivers as they perform a series of exercises. Motorists who wobble, trip, stumble or fall during balancing tests will be deemed possible drug drivers. They will be taken to police stations and forced to give blood and urine samples and be charged if they test positive. The three tests suspects must perform are;

Eye Gazing - Drivers will be asked to move their eyes from side to side. Police will be trained to recognise drug-induced symptoms such as involuntary eye jerking and pupils rolling too far.

Walk and Turn - Suspects must stand with their arms at their sides and their feet in the heel to toe stance. Police will then direct them to take nine steps in a straight line, turn, and repeat the exercise.

One Leg Stand - With arms at the side, drivers will be told to lift one foot off the ground by about 15cms and hold the position for 30 secs. They must count the half minute exercise out loud.”

Offenders risk jail, $2500 fines and long licence suspensions.


Growers Ironperson

Joint Rolling

Bong Throw and Yell