Kick back and relax cyber citizen - because;

Even though the following word assembly has been rated double plus doubtful, it is still considered amongst the more eclectic essays ever written on the subject of the discovery of the formula for wwworld peace.

S.O.T.A.D Generator Clue #420.

Ever since I learnt to learn and for no reason that I have ever been aware of, I have always wanted to find out WHO it was that first postulated the formula for wwworld peace, WHO was it that first came up with the idea that has enabled humanity to live at peace for 1 million generations and counting?

It always seemed strange to me that in History class, the 'when and the where and the why and the how' it was that humanity avoided eco-cide was drummed into us over and over, whilst the 'who it was' was never mentioned.

My history teacher told me that "The formula had arisen by default, as a logical consequence the creation of the S.O.T.A.D. (sum of the available data) Computer network that enables us to so effectively regulate our fragile biosphere. The WHO is not important young man, WHAT is important is that YOU understand WHY the formula is so important to our species survival."

The hardest part, of course, has always been the fact that thousands upon thousands of generations of humans have been born and died since the S.O.T.A.D had been created and that amounts to a not insignificant amount of time or number of potential candidates to search through. Actually, now I come to think on it, I suppose you could say that my search had become a kind of hobby, though others might say obsession and still others would say sign of a fractured brain, probably all three, because as long as I can remember and ever since I first heard the formula for wwworld peace, all through out the community service decade of my 20's, the wandering artist days of my 30's and the child rearing and teaching decades of my later life, I have asked everyone I ever met the same question.

Do you have any idea WHO it was who first wrote out the formula for wwworld peace?

I could record the answers that I have received over the years, but there's no point, unless you want to follow nearly 30 years of blind alleys and false leads because up until a couple of days ago my best guess was, if there was a WHO, if there really was an intellect that was capable of formulating such a thing as "the formula for world peace" first, then that intellect - having discovered the formula -would next realize that the formula was so self evident that it would arise by default as a logical consequence of the creation of the S.O.T.A.D. and I conjectured further that the who, who discovered it, was totally aware that the who who discovered it first was far far less important than the number of those who applied it.

The formula appears to have entered the mass consciousness of humanity in the Y2K, every leader on earth was quoted espousing the quality of the formula at some time or another during the dawwwn of the new millenium, millions of articles refer to the formula, yet none, points at a definitive WHO. No prizes were awarded for the discovery of the formula and no accolades handed out, it was as if nobody knew or cared.

As I said, decades of sifting through archives and sending data enquiry's to S.O.T.A.D had yielded no clues, until I decided to do a cross comparison check of the data stored in the email archives of the era that is. When I ran the program- which I did about a few days before I started writing this- a clue appeared.

It was a short word assembly that was pasted inside other emails.


a formula for wwworld peace can be found at;


please help spread the wwword of mouth



I entered the 42 million year old D.N.S # and file destination into my S.O.T.A.D terminal (as I suggest you do in the very near future ) and fell into a whole other universe, a universe that rocked me to the very foundations upon which my view of current civilization is based. I mean, you 'll never guess who it was and what he was doing when he came up with the formula, I'd tell you, except that you now have possession of the best clue I have ever found, and since you too have access to a S.O.T.A.D. terminal, I mean, you are looking at a S.O.T.A.D view screen right now- so best thing to do is go see for your self - but not just yet because;

There is how ever, one more thing you need to know before you open the old cyber files, the really strange thing that I found out when I ran cross comparison check of all those ancient emails, the next most common word distribution pattern that emerges in all of those billions of personal emails, is almost exactly the same as this word assembly you are now reading.

Which means either that this entire word assembly some how found it's way back from my Y420K SOTAD terminal through a warp in the cyber space continuum and became the basis for what must have been - for the time- a major computer email virus that circulated the embryonic S.O.T.A.D data base some time in the year Y2K01, or it means that this word assembly is a fake letter from the future designed to promote the formula for wwworld peace amongst those living on the planet Earth at the dawn of the newww millenium ;O)--~