S.O.T.A.D - (Sum of the Available Data)

Artificial Intelligence: Is It Possible?  (1999)  A brief history of 'intelligent' machines and a detailed
discussion of the possibility of creating machines that can think similarly to humans. The COG project at MIT is analysed in some detail.

Was Shakespeare An Existential Wimp?   [1998] A discussion on the nature of human benevolence from Shakespeare's Christian ideological background. "Measure for Measure" and "The Merchant of Venice" are the two plays analysed

Tantric Sex, Safe Sex 
An enlightening discussion concerning safe sex practices.

Nimbin Plant selection Guide A highly practical essay on which plants and which plants not to grow in the Nimbin region.

The 20 Year Death Cycle of American Presidents Fascinating discussion reagrding the cycles involved in the death of American presidents