Welcome the Nimbin Environment Centre.

Nimbin Environment Centre's mission is to inform and direct the focus of environmentalists to current news and actions on both a global and a national level. We welcome new members and input from all eco-warriors..
The Nimbin Environment Centre is a community run organisation aimed at protecting our local and national environment and keeping activists informed about recent events and current actions. Our site will be updated continually and we advise those interested in keeping up with the issues we cover to email us so as we may put you on the email list for our news letter.


Save Our Forests

Actions, Alerts and Info for Australian Forests.
Earth Watch

Enviro Facts, endangered species, global environmental actions and links
World Peace

Global Links, globalisation and the new world order, news and happenings
for Peace on Earth

No Nukes!

Anti nuclear, food irradiation, nuclear power, nuclear weapons protest
actions and info

Sacred Sites

Sacred sites,Tent embassies and koori weblinks.


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