Lisa Yeates passionate and dynamic, powerful and playful, An enigma Having cut her showbiz teeth at 3, Lisa's humour, sparkle and unfailing professionalism add to her wonderful talents as a vocalist and cabaret entertainer.

Since the early eighties Lisa has travelled the country telling the stories and singing the historic environmental protest songs collected during her involvement in the environment movement which began with the Terania Protest in 1979 and on to the Franklin, Daintree, Anti-Nuclear and Woodchip Campaigns till the nineties.

Lisa's Alter-ego

Princess Anne
Alongside this commitment her own solo musical career stretches from performing at Maleny and Lismore Folk Festivals, Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Down to Earth Confest, the recent "Lock On" CD promotional tour and far too many Clubs & Restaurants to remember.

From 1980 - 1986 she performed with the "Silly Symphony" comedy cabaret, touring down the East coast and the festival circuit

Moving to Tasmainia in 1998 she was the lead vocalist with the popular 8 piece show band "Misters & Sisters".

Lisa has also been seen in many community theatre projects. Way back in 1979 she was in the rock-opera "Tommy" and "Bush Dreams" in 1980 performed in Nimbin. Later in the early 90's she was pivotal to Deloraine's famous "Theatre Cafe" productions in Tasmania.

Since her return to the North Coast in 1993 she has been involved with numerous other musical collaborations and cabaret performances.

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