Presented by Comskool
(Nimbin Community School Co-operative)

To Enroll

Call in at the  Comskool (Nimbin Community Center,
Main Building) on Wednesday's between 3pm and 4:30pm

Phone Wolfgang on 66897445 (after hours)


Visit the website






1. Fly thru windows

  • file management
  • basic maintenance
  • program installation and setup

2. Untangle the wwweb

  • connecting to an ISP (Internet service Provider)
  • email configuration and setup
  • cerfing
  • advanced search
  • downloading and saving files, programs and applications.
  • type-chat and voicemail  

3. HTML (newbies)

  • Intro to website design
  • Construction of a web page including images and links using html (hyper text markup language)
  • Uploading files to a server using FTP (File transfer protocol)

4. Digital Imaging

  • basic gif animation,
  • using and importing images from a scanner.
  • using and importing images from a digital camera
  • image manipulation using Photoshop
  • preparation of images for websites, printing, or digital transfer.