My name is Emma I am going to tell you about a experience I had with my horse it involved success through diversity.

My horse scallywag he was wild, in a way I sort of rescued him. He was abandoned when he was really young. I feed him every day but with difficulty, you see he charges if he is at the bottom of the paddock. I would come in the paddock with my bucket of food, call him and then he would gallop up with his ears back. Every time this happened I would drop the bucket and run out the fence. One month past and there was this new girl who moved in just across the road. She was from Austria she didnt speak English but she seemed pretty nice and she was good with horses I think, at least she drew them all the time.

 Wednesday afternoon the Austrian girl just coming home from school  crossed the paddock and scallywag he didnt charge her! I rushed over "how did you get him not to charge" she said some thing in Austrian I didnt understand but we got on. 

Two months later scallywag is rideable and in the show me and Bianca are best friends her English is a lot better as well.



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