Project Overview


The Success through Diversity Website will showcase the web weaving abilities, computer skills and artistic prowess of students at Nimbin Central School. 


Build a website around the theme "Success through Diversity" which will encompass such topics as racism, reconciliation, multiculturalism, sexism, teasing, bullying etc, and will look at ways in which Nimbin Central School can achieve "success through diversity". 

The website will contain:

# Links to webpages built by the students on the theme 'Success through Diversity' with text and image content created, formatted and uploaded by the students.

#A "Success through Diversity" E-Zine" (Magazine published on the internet), containing interviews and articles by the students. (It is envisaged that this be a continuing project with a new issue uploaded each term. Out of this two term project an editorial group will be formed to collect submissions from the school community, format and upload them to the web. The name "success through diversity" allows  inclusion of just about anything!)

#Text and image content from students currently engaged in the "Highlighting the Village" project. Students create a visual/verbal statement by capturing the 'atmosphere of Nimbin' with photos and text, this involves going  into Nimbin Village and taking pictures with a digital camera, downloading them to a school computer, formatting them and adding a verbal statement.

# E-Poetry written and formatted by year 7 and 8 students in the first two terms of this year.

The students are divided into groups with each group rotating through the different activities (E-zine, Highlighting Nimbin, Webweaving) in four week blocks over two terms. For the last block students will be allocated to a component via group decision, based on placement of team members to bring about the best result for the project, from here  the editorial team will be formed for the next issue of the "Success through Diversity E-zine"

Class notes and instructions will be published to the internet as a series of tutorials, allowing students to work on the project outside class and at their own pace, as well as practice valuable 'internet comprehension skills'.

These students will be working on computers outside the school, this network of computers is owned and maintained by a Nimbin Community Group (Comskool) for the purpose of providing computer education and internet access for the Nimbin community, students will upload files via a Nimbin community server to a local Domain,

Little professionals they'll all be!


It is the end of the school year 2000, this project has been running now for 1 and a half terms and the results can be seen by following the links on the previous page. The students have worked very hard, especially towards the end.

Special mention should go to the following students:

Yr8: Borris, Clarabel, Steven, Amanda, Danelle, Ester, William, Jon and Bo.

Yr7: Shannon, Dale, Jessa, Chantelle and Davina.

I enjoyed working with you all.

Cheers, Paris.

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