Well Iíve just come back from India . 
This is my story of when I went to India .
Well it was on August the thirty first and I was going for 5 weeks 
I reckon it was a bit long for my first time overseas, but it was so good I had because I had so many experiences. For example the time when Jace and I had a man put in jail by accident. The law over there is a lot different to what we have over here. They don't have any jury or any thing like that. So just by saying we saw him hanging around where the crime was he got put in jail. 
We got him out by spending 7 hours talking to the head officer but we finally got him out.
One of the hardest things was getting up in the morning.
And the best thing was coming home. And another thing that was hard was living without my mum and dad. but I seemed to manage .
And that's my story about India
      By Jonathan .R