The girl who wouldn’t stop drawing

Once upon a time, a girl called Lisa wouldn’t stop drawing. She liked drawing so much she would never stop..................................

One day at School she just wouldn’t stop drawing. She was being very stubborn, “leave me alone, I want to draw!”she used to yell at people who told her to stop drawing.
When the bell rang at 3pm for home time, she left just in time to catch the Bus.

When she got home half an hour later, she started drawing again.
Two hours later her mum called, “Lisa, dinner time!”.
“Coming, in a minute!” , said Lisa still drawing.
Half an hour later her mum called again, “Great, now your dinner is cold”............
“Sorry mum, I just wanted to finish my drawing”.
“I’ll put your food into the Microwave,Sweety” , said Lisa’s mum.
“Thanks’ mum, you’re the best”, said Lisa.
The very next day, Lisa did exactly the same as the day before. But this time she drew even longer and when her mother called for dinner she was drawing for another hour.

Just as she finished her picture, she was sucked into the picture!!!
She felt her head spin, she was beginning to feel really dizzy. All the colours Lisa used in her drawing were mixed up and were forming a spiral, and she heard a ringing in her ears.

Then, all the sudden, ‘Thud’, she had landed on something soft. She didn’t know what she had landed on because she was still too dizzy.

Five minutes later, she was finally back in focus. As she opened her eyes, she knew exactly where she was.............. she was inside her picture!

She landed on a matress she had drawn. Luckily she had draw a mattress, otherwise she would have landed on solid ground! She didn’t know why she was drawing a mattress, but it sure was a lucky coincidence. ‘There is something fishy about the air’, she said to herself, and she was right, it was different.

Suddenly, a loud voice came out of nowhere, “Lisa, wake up, you haven’t had dinner”.
‘The voice sounds a lot like mum’, Lisa thought. Then she felt herself lift off the ground. She could see the spiral again, which made her feel so dizzy and she could hear the ringing in her ears again. ‘Where was she going this time?’, she asked herself.

This time when she landed, it didn’t feel as though she was falling. It seemed more like she had just woken from the weirdest dream she had ever had. As she woke, she found herself still sitting at her desk, with a pencil in her hand. Her mother was standing next to her saying, “Here’s your dinner”.

Lisa didn’t know what to believe, ‘either she dreamt she fell into her picture, or was it real? But it seemed so real................

When she woke up in the Morning, it was Saturday. This was the first time in five years that she didn’t feel like drawing. She was still thinking about what really happened last night. Lisa was beginning to feel scared that something like that might happen again and that she might be stuck there for ever if she draws another picture.


By Roxi