Book Review

Recently I read a book called ‘Loooking For Alibrandi’, by Melina Marchetta. Looking for Alibrandi is a drama based on a true story. It is about a young girl and the changes that take place in her life. 
The main setting of this story takes place in her home town, Sydney. The story is mainly about Josephine Alibrandi, or Josey as she is known by her friends and the changes that take place in her life and many other teenagers. She lives with her mum, and has never met her father. He left her mother when she was born. One day while she was visiting her grandma. Her father turns up at the door. Happy, surprised, angry and in disbelief she quickly races out the door and runs home. This is a main event in this story as throughout, she gets to know her father better and better. she also falls in love and someone that she has been very close to for a very long time passes away. ‘Looking For Alibrandi’ is a great story for teenagers and adults that are going through changes in their life. 
The climax of this story is when Josey loses a very special friend, this is the climax, not because it is the most exciting, but because it is the most dramatic. It helps you feel for the character. A tear could come to your eye as you are reading this part of the story. This novel is full of laughs, smiles, tears and anger. 
They have recently released a movie based on the book, ‘Looking for Alibrandi', it is also recommended and a must see. I would recommend this book to children and adults the ages 13 and up. It is a highly recommended book. I hope you enjoy reading it. 

By Jenni Mann

Pictures from the movie 'looking for Alibrandi'