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Did you notice it? Somewhere between the sinking of 6,000 gallons of toxic waste off the coast of France and the latest cease fire in the Middle East, Bob Carr and his Party decided to follow world trends and allow AIDS patients and U.S.P's (Ultra Sick People) access to medicinal cannabis, albeit in a regulated and taxable manner and preferably using an aspirin style (non organic) method of delivery.

The current Working Paper is paradigmatically flawed in that there isn't a 21st century fact in the entire report, it's as if they took a snap shot of subjective reality in 1999 based entirely on 'drug abuse' data, ignored the present and haven't even considered a future of responsible use by educated adult consumers. By the way, I just thought I had better take this opportunity to mention that the un-mentioned Medicinal Point mentioned as the subject of this mainstream media release, the unmentioned Medicinal Point that wasn't mentioned by the Working Party is that; The instances of cannabis abuse in teenagers and adults would be dramatically lowered if cannabis was available as a medicine / natural remedy during one's childhood.

In England, Alan Milburn, the Health Secretary, and his predecessor Frank Dobson, have both said that the Government would legalise the medical use of cannabis if trials showed a clear benefit (which they just have) In Canada the Government has decided to not even attempt to over rule an Ontario courts ruling that the "Prohibition on the possession of Cannabis is unconstitutional." (*see separate data below) 

The Swiss Government have decided to legalize Cannabis "just with-in their borders" and since the end of the cold war, the need to enforce American drug morality has becomes less of an issue to European Politicians. Indeed, all over the world politicians are saying NO to enforcing USA Drug Morality, as indeed, are the citizens of the USA, with cannabis or drug law reform related referendums on the ballot in 7 states in next weeks presidential elections. Thus, it could be said, that all over earth Y2K savvy politicians are beginning to realize that the benefits inherent in relegalization of cannabis far- far- far out weighs the perceived negatives.

And, whilst it could be said that Bob Carr and his Working Party have taken a definite and compassionate step along the road to Just Cannabis Law Reform by trying to help those in the most pain first, it could equally be said that this is an attempt to incrementally blunten the medicinal point on the Trident of Cannabis Law Reform, thing is, that there is no point to further debate as to whether or not medicinal cannabis is good or bad when there is such an ALARMING amount of evidence that PROVES that CANNABIS PROHIBITION is BAD.


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the non official smokesperson
on the extreme edge of the radical fringe
of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement


Court Strikes Down Pot Law

- July 31/2000 - (TORONTO) In a move likely to have national repercussions, Ontario's highest court struck down Canada's pot law as it relates to possession.

The Ontario Court of Appeal was ruling on the case of Terry Parker, a Toronto epileptic who smokes marijuana to control his violent seizures. While Mr. Parker won the legal right to smoke pot in a 1988 court battle, he was charged more recently with cultivation. He won that court case in 1997, but the Crown appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Justice Rosenberg, in writing for the majority, stated that the court was satisfied Mr. Parker needs marijuana to control his seizures, and that he should have legal access to the drug.

 Further, the court decided that "the Prohibition on the possession of marijuana is unconstitutional."

The court based their decision on the fact that the current Controlled Drugs and Substances Act does not allow easy access to marijuana for medical reasons.

As a result, the Court of Appeal declared the CDSA "to be of no force and effect."

This does not, however, mean that patients can start puffing pot across Ontario: the court suspended the "declaration of invalidity" for one year. During this time period, pot smokers can still be arrested and jailed. However, Canada's Parliament now has 12 months to come up with a new pot law that makes it easier for medical marijuana users to access cannabis.

If Parliament fails to come up with a new law in one year's time, then Canada's marijuana statutes are essentially null and void.