The non official viewwwpoint
from the extreme edge of the radical fringe
of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement

It's been one of those weeks, the kind of week that Winston Churchill probably had during the final drive on Berlin in late 45. Unlike Winston however, our arch enemy hasn't committed suicide in his bunker, he's merely slunk out of office whilst under investigation for incompetence, mismanagement and misappropriation of funds, even so, it's astoundingly good news that General Barry McCaffery has fallen on his sword just the same.

"It would be impossible for the Americans to find anyone worse than McCaffery, said Max Stone- the non official smokesperson from the extreme edge of the radical fringe of the ACLRM as he lit up his next ex-joint in the ACLRM'S
non secret Head Quarters in down town Nimbin during what can only be described as a joyous resignation celebration - "Who ever gets the job is going to be faced with a whole different global paradigm than MaCaffrey was when he took office last century."

First the Swiss announce their intention to Legalize Just Cannabis with-in the physical boundaries of Switzerland and now the British Parliament are talking Just Cannabis Law Reform and the safe money is on the Brits to align with the Swiss and legalize with-in their own boundaries, it's safe money because the Brits have one of the more developed Industrial Hemp infrastructures already in place - as I might add, do the swiss - and the net gain to the British Economy is estimated to be somewhere in the region of UKL 1.4 billion per year (US$2 billion, 3 billion AU) and it's safe money because the most recent poll conducted in England revealed that 66% of those polled (to 26% against) thought Cannabis should be freely available to adults like tobacco and alcohol.

"If Australia is not careful we will be left behind" said Max Stone, "However, and despite the   Governments enduring and ongoing attempts to stiffle it, the village of Nimbin is a genuine world leader in high quality cannabis production and a working model of what responsible use is all about and the citizens of the alternative capital of Australia are more than ready to share the fruits from one of the earths leading centers of cannabis education, lore and culture."


words assembled by
the non official smokesperson
on the extreme edge of the radical fringe
of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement