The Freedom Ride Starts Here.

Justice Action (JA), the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement (ACLRM) and other organisations are collaborating in a pre-Olympic campaign to reduce the NSW prisoner population.

We are calling for the NSW Government to:

* grant an amnesty to all prisoners incarcerated because of drug related offences
* shorten sentences by reinstating remissions for good behaviour

The US driven War on Drugs is global and the global media that will be focussed on Sydney by the Olympic Games makes this time opportune for the people of NSW and their government to take leadership to end the Drug War and release its prisoners.

Freedom Ride to Release the Prisoners of the Drug War

To create popular movement in support of this amnesty demand, a Freedom Ride will be promoted during July and August. The Freedom Ride, will be a fleet of buses, vans and other vehicles fitted out with a satellite phone link, web cam and internet access to give it instant global media effectiveness.

The drug law reform road show will visit regional centres of NSW. In particular the Freedom Ride will visit all NSW jails. In collaboration with the prisoners, their families and friends, we will count the prisoners of the Drug War and bear witness to the injustice and the suffering created by bad laws.

The Freedom Ride will promote, as it goes, public meetings which bring forth local dialogue on the issues of:

* drug war human rights erosions (the burgeoning incarceration industry in particular)

* medicinal cannabis (the formation of local "compassion clubs" will be promoted)

* industrial hemp (practical farmer information sessions on hemp production).

The Freedom Ride visits will nurture local and strengthen local drug law reform advocacy by making visible the local networks of support and by bringing forth local voices.

Graeme Dunstan, long time peace activist and director of the ACLRM, will lead the Freedom Ride and the aim will be to create beautiful gatherings in public places, light lanterns and burn cardboard replica jails in each regional centre which through the Freedom Ride passes.

A rolling law reform road show bearing light and fire, the Freedom Ride will generate media savvy, eye-catching images and global witness for prison and drug law reform in NSW.

Become a Friend of the Freedom Ride

The Freedom Ride will make many friends and it needs friends to help it on the road. It needs your support and help to amplify its advocacy for an end to the Drug War and a release of its prisoners.

Register yourself or your organisation as a Friend of the Freedom Ride. Make a donation (cheques payable to Justice Action)

More Information:
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